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Our Clients Say...

We began using 5 Star Media a few years ago after having a few poorly taped (and overpriced)  videos done by other providers. 5 Star Media went above and beyond our expectations - great quality, timely production, and best of all a competitive price.

Charlotte, North Carolina

5 Star Media has been our video service for many years now! Their product is top quality and customer service is number one!

China Grove, North Carolina

To 5 Star Media,
Lisa and I just wanted to let you know that we LOVE our DVD you guys made. Words like, fabulous and outstanding come to mind. Thank you, Thank you, for the wonderful job!

Keith & Lisa
High Point, North Carolina

To 5 Star Media, "man so far, our video is amazing, thanks so much...... more DVD~! (nice)...look forward to it, thanks  Rick".

Brandon & Miranda
Greensboro, North Carolina

Thank you for helping make this day so special for Katy and Daniel! It will be remembered for years to come! The Video you edited to Dvd will be watched over and over. Thanks again~!

Melissa and Barry Winston Salem, North Carolina

Your video production services has increased our bottom line in the music business.

Manager Earnest Johnson, Jr. - Winston Salem, North Carolina

Hi 5 Star Media,

Thank you for doing those videos for me.
They are so precious.
It was exactly what I wanted. When I go over my other VHS ones I may have a couple more for you to do. Thanks a million.

Judy M.
Colebrook, New Hampshire


Video Tips and storage of your videotape!

Video Tip #1. You've received two kinds of tapes: one or more VHS copies, and a "Master" tape from which these copies have been made. The master tape will not play in a standard VHS videocassette recorder. It is in a professional format called S-VHS; even though it's identical in size to a regular VHS tape, you won't see a picture unless you play it on a S-VHS VCR.

Video Tip #2. Your VHS copies have both regular and hi-fi audio. If you have a hi-fi VCR, use the hi-fi output for the best sound quality.

Video Tip #3. Your video was made according to industry standards for color. However, your TV set may not be precisely adjusted to these standards. If, as you play the tape, the colors (particularly skin tones) don't appear correct, simply adjust your tint and color knobs.

Video Tip #4. There is a 15-20 second black "leader" at the start of the tape.

Video Tip #5. If lines or "snow" appear on your screen, adjust the tracking knob on your VCR until they disappear.

Video Tip #6. Make sure to store the tapes upright (as you would a book). The magnetic tape will deteriorate over time if the cassette is stored flat.

Video Tip #7. Don't store the tapes close to stereo speakers, TV sets or amplifiers. The magnetism from these devices can partially erase your tapes!

Video Tip #8. Avoid exposing the tapes to direct sunlight and other heat sources; dust; humidity; and vibrations.

Video Tip #9. Videotape stretches and contracts with heat or cold. Store tapes at room temperatures. Play your tapes - or fast forward and rewind them - at least once a year to minimize this problem. (You can fast forward your S-VHS Master tape in your standard VCR.) If the cassette is brought into a warm room from the cold outdoors during the winter, the tape may adhere to the recorder drum, damaging the tape or recorder. Wait until the cassette has warmed to room temperature before playing it.

Video Tip #10. Avoid pausing the tape - this wears it out quickly. Also, leaving the tape threaded in a VCR for a few days or weeks can damage it. Rewind the tape completely before storing.

Video Tip #11. The tab has been removed from the cassette to prevent accidental erasure.

Video Tip #12. The quality of the video image depends in part on the quality of the TV set used. Some large screen sets in particular produce images lacking sharp detail.

Video Tip #13. Within the next 5-10 years, videotape will probably be made obsolete by digital formats such as DVD. At this point, you will probably want to transfer your video from the S-VHS master to one of the new formats.